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    19 Things People Without Thick Eyebrows Won’t Understand

    * slightly overplucks eyebrows * * ruins entire life *

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community for the worst parts about having majorly thick eyebrows. Here are the all-too-real results.

    1. First of all, every time you go to a nail salon, waxing services are ~casually~ offered to you. Leave me alone, dammit!

    2. Having bushy brows means you have to make time to pluck and perfect them all the damn time.

    3. And you need to trim them juuuust right, because one mistake will fuck them up massively.

    4. People don't realize having thick brows also means hairy hands, feet, fingers, toes, lip, chin, and stomach, too.

    5. And all of that hair grows at an alarmingly fast rate.

    6. People assume you’re joining the “trend” of having big brows, but you’ve always had them — they’re just cool now.

    7. If your brows grow in patches, you face a daily struggle of deciding if you want to fill them in or let them be.

    8. Those furry bad boys have no mercy — they’ll sometimes grow down to your CHEEKS. SERIOUSLY.

    9. Your brow hair is so thick, you can always see it out of your peripherals.

    10. Thick eyebrows often mean deep roots — sometimes, plucking them means drawing blood.

    11. And oftentimes, grooming means plucking your temple so your brows don't grow into your damn hairline.

    12. You always had *fun* nicknames growing up, like "Groucho" or "Frida Kahlo."

    —Jackie Cook, Facebook

    13. And you used to pluck the shit out of them because big brows weren't "in style" — and you're still recovering from some brow mistakes.

    14. You always carry a brow brush, because no matter how much time you spend on them, they sometimes have a mind of their own.

    15. When you wake up, your eyebrow hairs are always facing a million different directions, like they were around an exploding science experiment.

    16. Even though thick brows are in, you feel like you can never get them to be perfect — they're always "too bushy" or "too thin".

    17. And getting them shaped and arched is fine, but only means that they’ll grow back a bit by the time you get home.

    18. No matter how good of a day your brows are having, they still always end up looking something like this:

    19. But, you know what? No matter what anyone says about your fluffy brows, you ignore them — because you're proud of your facial furriness.

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