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19 Times The Sex Side Of Tumblr Was Too Damn Funny

*dumps Gatorade on bae after sex*

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community for their favorite Tumblr posts about sex. Here are the hilariously inappropriate responses.

Note: Not all posts were submitted by Community users.

1. When you're trying with all your might:

2. When you're being a good sport:

3. When you just want to relax:

4. When the language of love turns rowdy:


5. When you obviously know what you're talking about:

6. When you get the best of both worlds:

7. When things escalate quickly:

8. When you're better than everyone, even in the sheets:


9. When you know your priorities:

10. When you can't help it:

11. When the truth stings:


12. When your love life résumé is impressive:

13. When you just want to make sure:

14. When they're on to you:

15. When your furry best friend keeps your secrets:

16. When you're perceptive:

—Amelia Hannum, Facebook

—Amelia Hannum, Facebook

17. When you're prepared:

18. When you find someone as adventurous in the bedroom as you:

19. And when you unleash your inner darkness:

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