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    17 Realities The Meg Griffin Of The Family Will Understand


    1. From the day you were born, everyone has treated you with respect.

    2. Your parents have always been gentle and nurturing.

    3. And you're reminded daily that you are very much loved.

    4. All of your family adventures have been planned to make sure you're fully enjoying yourself.

    5. And everyone always gives you a fair chance to be included in the fun.

    6. You know you can be comfortable with them, because they appreciate your insightfulness.

    7. You're living proof that the oldest sibling is always the most respected.

    8. Everyone you live with is constantly impressed by your massive achievements.

    9. When something is going extra well for you, your family is 100% supportive.

    10. And they completely understand your busy social lifestyle.

    11. Your home life parallels that of every other normal human being.

    12. Your mom thinks you're perfect the way you are.

    13. And your dad? A pillar of unconditional support.

    14. Every moment with your parents is straight out of a classic Kodak commercial.

    15. And they've always gone out of their way to make sure they don't embarrass you.

    16. Their love for you is always expressed in a completely acceptable way.

    17. And your family definitely loves you JUST AS MUCH as you love them.