Only An Animated Movie Expert Can Get 10/12 On This Difficult Test

Are you up for the challenge?

1. We asked the BuzzFeed Community to describe their favorite animated characters using only emojis. Can you guess the character from the emojis?

Note: Not all submissions were sent by Community users.

    1. Wall-E
    2. The Iron Giant
    3. Rodney from Robots
    1. Donkey from Shrek
    2. Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon
    3. Elliott from Pete’s Dragon
    1. Gus from Cinderella
    2. Fievel from An American Tail
    3. Mighty Mouse
    1. Humphrey from Alpha And Omega
    2. Balto
    3. Wolf W. Wolf from Hoodwinked
    1. Kayley from Quest For Camelot
    2. Fiona from Shrek
    3. Mulan
    1. Flik from A Bug’s Life
    2. Lucas from The Ant Bully
    3. Z from Antz
    1. Winnie The Pooh
    2. Kenai from Brother Bear
    3. Queen Elinor from Brave
    1. Lumiere from Beauty And The Beast
    2. Anastasia
    3. Thumbelina
    1. Miss Bianca from The Rescuers
    2. Stuart Little
    3. Teresa from The Secret of Nimh
    1. Tulio from The Road To El Dorado
    2. Joseph from King Of Dreams
    3. Moses from The Prince Of Egypt
    1. Charlie from All Dogs Go To Heaven
    2. Dodger from Oliver And Company
    3. Duke from The Secret Life Of Pets
    1. Norman from ParaNorman
    2. Casper The Friendly Ghost
    3. No-Face from Spirited Away

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