19 Wildly Unique Thrift Shops You Need To Visit ASAP

    From designer clothes to ​Star Wars​ pins.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community for their favorite thrift stores in America. Here are the stylish results.

    1. Rumors — Richmond, Virginia

    Rumors has clothing that's ACTUALLY stylish, colorful, and high-quality. The owners really pride themselves on "spreading positive energy."


    2. Red Light Clothing Exchange — Portland, Oregon

    Red Light has eccentric clothes from all over the spectrum. Apparently Britney Spears used to stop by every now and then. They've won local awards and gotten national attention for their quirky pieces.


    3. It's A Wrap! — Burbank, California

    They sell ~basically~ brand new clothes that were worn on the sets of TV shows and movies. They’re even labeled with the shows on which they were worn. 😱


    4. Collective Clothing — Chattanooga, Tennessee

    "I always leave this place happy and excited to come back — and they have an online shop as well."


    5. 10 Feet Single By Stella Dallas — Brooklyn, New York

    If you judge a thrift store on how good the shoes are, this one always has tons of great options, plus accessories, home goods, and literally anything else you can think of.

    —Candice Russell, Facebook

    6. Junkee Clothing Exchange — Reno, Nevada

    They only buy the most unique items, and a lot of it is true vintage. They also have a cool adjoining section full of antiques, books, and vinyl.


    7. Acorn Apparel — Louisville, Kentucky

    This store has a lot of quirky records, little pieces of home decor, and of course colorful apparel! It's run by a great group of women who personally pick out what items to sell in their shop. They also sell accessories made by local artists.

    —Isabelle Elwood, Facebook

    8. Unclaimed Baggage Center — Scottsboro, Alabama

    It's pretty much exactly what the title says: Luggage and baggage that have been unclaimed at airports end up here and there's everything from clothes, to electronics, to sporting equipment. You really don't know what you're going to find.

    —Kimberly Martin, Facebook

    9. Material Objects — Portland, Maine

    This place has a combination of local goods, consignment, and vintage. It's also VERY affordable.


    10. Monk Vintage — Multiple locations in New York City

    It tends to be a bit pricier, but has been praised for having a better selection than most of the chain thrift shops in the area.

    —Jacqueline Kline, Facebook

    11. PrettyPenny Clothing — San Francisco

    They pick out the most perfect items, from the 1920s to the '90s. They even have an online store.


    12. Lula B's — Dallas, Texas

    Lula B's has everything you want, and a lot of it. Walking through this place has been described as a "heavenly flashback."

    —Adrienne Mullins, Facebook

    13. Garment District — Cambridge, Massachusetts

    Garment District has an eye-popping, colorful selection, and they sort their clothes by decade, so it's easy to navigate!


    14. Deseret Industries — Multiple locations throughout the U.S.

    This place is 100% family-friendly, and they even sell brand new furniture at discounted prices.


    15. Idaho Youth Ranch — Boise, Idaho

    Idaho Youth Ranch has the most adorable stuff — and if you don't live in the area, they have Etsy and Amazon accounts where you can browse and shop.


    16. Current Boutique — Washington, D.C.

    You can totally trick people into thinking you shop at more expensive stores. Current Boutique has the coolest clothes, but with thrifty price tags. And they have an online shop.

    —Rick Eric, Facebook

    17. The Closet — Boston

    They take designer stuff — we're talking Valentino, Dior, Alaia — and sell it at prices that are way more affordable.


    18. Strange Cargo — Chicago

    Strange Cargo has a mix of vintage and thrift clothes and gifts, and they also do custom shirt printing.


    19. Ditto — Kansas City, Missouri

    They're always up-to-date (or ahead of!) current fashion, and the employees have been praised for how dang helpful they are.

    Izzy A.

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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