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27 Things People With Multicolored Hair Are Sick Of Hearing

"You could be so pretty if you had normal hair."

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community what they're sick of hearing about their multicolored hair. Here's what they had to say.

1. "You're just dying your hair crazy colors for attention."

Fueled By Ramen

2. "If you keep it that color, you won't get hired anywhere."

Arista Records / RCA

—Mikki Ferguson, Facebook

3. "You're basically asking to be made fun of."

Syco Music

—Hariadna Paiva, Facebook

4. "No one will want to date you if you have an insane color on your head."

Columbia Pictures

—Rachel Murphy, Facebook

5. “You’re going to look at pictures when you’re older and regret it!”

6. "You'd be so pretty if you didn’t do that to your hair."

Interscope Records / Universal Records

7. “Are you going through an emotional crisis?”


8. "Are you going to dye it a different color every day to coordinate with your outfits?”



9. "I don't know if I'm a fan of that color on you."

—Dian Lajdziak, Facebook

10. "I liked it better before."


—Dian Lajdziak, Facebook

11. "Aren't you a little old to have crazy hair?"


—Jackie Liberto, Facebook

12. "You're gonna horribly damage your real hair if you keep bleaching it."

Walt Disney Pictures / Via

—Ingunn Mía Blöndal, Facebook


Universal Pictures

—Ingunn Mía Blöndal, Facebook

14. “You obviously work at Hot Topic.”

15. "I love your wig!"

Sony Pictures Classics

—Alycia Marie, Facebook

16. "Hey, why did you do that to your head?"

United Artists Films

—Hariadna Paiva, Facebook

17. "You're just rebelling."

Roc Nation

—Hariadna Paiva, Facebook

18. “Omg. Is that natural?!”

19. "You're sooo brave! I could never do that to my precious hair."

Warner Music Germany

—Annabel Cnomster, Facebook

20. "Does the carpet match the drapes?"


21. "You made it that color on purpose?"

—Neuraci Alves da Silva, Facebook

22. "You don't need to dye your hair weird colors to feel special."


—Hubert De Crespo, Facebook

23. "Your parents must be disappointed."

—Ty Lazauskas, Facebook

24. "Do you remember your natural hair color?"

—Diane Gerardi, Facebook

25. "You're setting a bad example."

Young Money Entertainment / Cash Money Records

—Kayce Megill, Facebook

26. "Why would you spend money on that?"


—Mara Burgstede, Facebook

27. "Maybe you should try to be normal for once?"

—Angie Pangie, Facebook

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