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21 Insanely Unique Bars You Need To Drink At Before You Die

You’ve never had a buzz like this.

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about the coolest bar they've ever been to. Here are the results to raise a glass to.

1. Icebar by Icehotel — Stockholm

Why it's so stinkin' cool: It's *literally* the coolest bar you'll ever go to — the temperature inside is always –7 degrees Celsius. They serve their drinks in glasses made of ice, but you can borrow gloves while you're there!


2. Alux Caverna Lounge — Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Why it's so stinkin' cool: It's the biggest underground cave restaurant and lounge in the world. If you're not too spooked at the thought of being underground, you'll dig this place.

—Debbie Ann, Facebook

3. Camp — Brooklyn

Why it's so stinkin' cool: Head back to your fond summer camp memories at this seriously comforting bar that gets every detail perfect, down to the marshmallow drinks. Heck, if you have a large group, rumor has it you'll get to make some s'mores.

—Dan Richard, Facebook

4. The Lockhart Bar — Toronto

Why it's so stinkin' cool: Guys, it's a HARRY POTTER–INSPIRED BAR. The joint is named after the memorable Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher from the series.

—Lalitha Swaminathan, Facebook

5. Cybermachina — Kraków, Poland

Why it's so stinkin' cool: There are game systems in every room, and there's a dedicated Guitar Hero area. The decor is all game memorabilia, like Mario and Zelda, and there are gamer-themed drinks.


6. El Bosc de les Fades — Barcelona

Why it's so stinkin' cool: It feel likes you're in a magical forest instead of smack dab in the middle of a huge city. Like, it's gorgeous, y'all.

—Julie Pike, Facebook

7. Dive Bar — Sacramento

Why it's so stinkin' cool: They have dueling pianos, and, get this: Live mermaids swimming in tanks. Just a play on words, get it? Dive bar? It's super swanky and has this classic vibe to it.

—Brittany Best, Facebook

8. Carousel Bar and Lounge — New Orleans

Why it's so stinkin' cool: You can get your drink on in one of the most historical cities in the U.S., but why do it while sitting still? This place has a darn CAROUSEL where you can sit and sip while ya spin around. Slowly, of course.


9. The Croft Institute — Melbourne

Why it's so stinkin' cool: Set in an old laboratory, The Croft Institute has a scientific feel, right down to the syringes they put in your drink.

—Richard Eric, Facebook

10. Unicorn — Seattle

Why it's so stinkin' cool: It's a colorful, carnival-themed bar where you can go to lift your spirits with some good ol' alcohol. They've also got pinball. Nice.


11. Satan's Whiskers — Bethnal Green, London

Why it's so stinkin' cool: Not only is the name awesome, but they're just as weird as you would hope. Inside, you'll find a bunch of cheeky taxidermy, and the skeleton of a unicorn.

—Dan Makwana, Facebook

12. The Way Station — Brooklyn

Why it's so stinkin' cool: It's a Doctor Who–themed pub, complete with a TARDIS bathroom and references to the iconic show covering every inch of the place.

—Jordan Christine, Facebook

13. Joben Bistro — Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Why it's so stinkin' cool: It's a steampunk-decorated bar, inspired by none other than the authors Jules Verne and H.G. Wells.

—Roxanne Aiko, Facebook

14. Container Bar — Austin

Why it's so stinkin' cool: It's a bar made out of seven old shipping containers! Recycled building materials = 👏. They are also dog-friendly, and everything is colorful — so it's impossible to be in a foul mood.

—Ashley Blom, Facebook

15. Donnie Dirk's Zombie Den — Minneapolis

Why it's so stinkin' cool: The drinks are strong, the bartenders dress like Shaun from Shaun of the Dead, and there's a chainsaw inside a glass box that you can break "in case of a zombie attack."

—Panhia Yang Root, Facebook

16. Anonymous Bar — Prague

Why it's so stinkin' cool: Some of the drink menu is only visible through a black light, and another part is only visible through an old-school Viewmaster. If you order one particular drink, they take your picture in a Guy Fawkes mask.


17. Cahoots — London

Why it's so stinkin' cool: It's a '30s- and '40s-themed bar in an old, now-unused tube station. The staff are all in character and you can tell that there was so much effort put into every aspect of the joint!


18. Boobie Trap — Brooklyn

Why it's so stinkin' cool: There's a neon pink sign that says "f*ck off" that sets the ambience for the entire bar, cool-ass decor, board games from Sorry to chess, and great drink specials.

—Erin Bailey, Facebook

19. Rabbit Hole — Alhambra, California

Why it's so stinkin' cool: It’s an Alice in Wonderland–themed bar with a mind-blowing interior. One room has grass and upside down rabbits on the ceiling, and on the way to the restroom you'll find a giant, glowing, black-lit Cheshire Cat.


20. The Museum H.R. Giger Bar — Gruyères, Switzerland

Why it's so stinkin' cool: They want you to feel as though "you have been transported into the remains of a mutated future civilization" — the entire bar is lined with vertebrae. BONES, Y'ALL.

Anna Kopsky

21. And Millennium Fandom — Las Vegas

Why it's so stinkin' cool: They've got decor from all of your fave fandoms, from Star Wars to Superman. If you are in love with cosplay and all things geeky, this bar will welcome you with open arms.

—Beatrice Jane, Facebook

Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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