17 Ways To Enjoy Sex Even More Than You Already Do

Because getting hot doesn’t have to be a bother.

We asked the BuzzFeed Community for the products that make sex better for them. Here are the comforting results.

Note: Not all products were submitted by Community members.

1. We-Vibe Couples Vibrator

We-Vibe / Via we-vibe.com



You’ll love it if: You want a flexible vibrator that you can use while you’re having sex. It even has a wireless remote. Nice.


2. Adam & Eve Inflatable Position Master

Adam & Eve / Via adameve.com



You’ll love it if: You want to try new positions, but you have a hard time getting comfortable in those new positions. It even has handles to hold yourself in place.

3. Pink Silicone Lubricant For Women

Columbia Pictures / Castle Rock Entertainment


You’ll love it if: You want a lube made specifically for your precious lady parts.


4. Share Strapless Strap-On

Babeland / Via babeland.com



You’ll love it if: You hate the “strap” part of “strap-on.” You ~can~ connect it to a harness, if you’d like, though!

5. Hitachi Magic Wand

Hitachi Magic / Via hitachimagic.com



You’ll love it if: You’ve tried a bunch of vibrators and haven’t found ~the one~.


6. Pure Romance Just Like Me Water-Based Lubricant

Pure Romance / Via pureromance.com

New Line Cinema


You’ll love it if: You have trouble staying wet. It mimics your natural lubrication, and it reactivates up to 24 hours with any sort of moisture.


7. Mr. Know It All 10-Speed Clitoral Vibrator

Pure Romance / Via pureromance.com



You’ll love it if: You want to use a vibrator while having sex, but don’t want to use one that’s too big or will get in the way.


8. Mandelay Gel For Delaying Ejaculation



You’ll love it if: You just want sex to last longer.

9. K-Y Intense Arousal Gel For Her

K-Y Brand / Via amazon.com



You’ll love it if: You usually have a difficult time getting ~aroused~. The gel makes your vagina more sensitive and makes any touch feel more intense.

—Beatrice Jane, Facebook

10. Bullet Vibrator

LoveHoney / Via lovehoney.com



You’ll love it if: You want a vibrator that doubles as a body massager, too.


11. Coconut Oil


Roc Nation / Def Jam Recordings


You’ll love it if: You’re not really into using brand-name lube. It’s edible, relatively inexpensive, and doesn’t get sticky like lube can.


12. Trojan Orgasmic Pleasure Condoms

Trojan / Via trojancondoms.com



You’ll love ‘em if: You want condoms that also have lube in them that isn’t just super-latex-y.


13. Vaginal Dilators

Pure Romance / Via pureromance.com



You’ll love it if: You tend to feel pain during sex because of a shortened or overly tight vaginal muscles. Use ‘em for five to 15 minutes a day.

—Elaine Jeanne, Facebook

14. Hugo Prostate Massager

Lelo / Via lelo.com



You’ll love it if: You’re a dude who wants even more out of your orgasms. Their slogan is, “The most powerful orgasm known to man.”

15. Double Vibrating Strap-On

Lovehoney / Via lovehoney.co.uk

Netflix / Lionsgate / Via lovehoney.co.uk


You’ll love it if: You want a strap-on that you’ll enjoy even more — just in case you didn’t think that was possible.

16. Wet Platinum Silicone Lube

Castle Rock Entertainment


You’ll love it if: You want a lube that you can use in water.


17. And Adam & Eve Rabbit Couples Ring

Adam & Eve / Via adamevetoys.com

Comedy Central


You’ll love it if: You love sex toys that both of you can enjoy at the same time. It has dual vibrating areas — the ring itself, and a circular piece that will stimulate your partner. Sweet.

—Mallory Marie, Facebook

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