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    17 Struggles People Who Always Get Injured Will Understand

    I don't always roll a joint, but when I do, it's my ankle.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the biggest struggles of being clumsy. Here are the painfully relatable results.

    1. First of all, nobody even bothers asking if you're OK anymore when you get hurt — they just sigh and shake their head.

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    2. And falling in public happens so often that it almost gets less embarrassing every time — almost.

    3. When you’re always tripping over everything, no one trusts you to carry out everyday tasks without getting hurt.


    —Debbie Ann, Facebook

    4. And you can't be trusted to carry anything fragile, because you'll probably drop and break it.

    Via Twitter: @ashleigh_cross

    —Fay Louise, Facebook

    5. Your medical bills racked up over the years are higher than your student loans.



    6. You know that no matter how hard you try not to, you’ll always bump into something that'll leave a scar.

    Via Twitter: @femaIes

    —Roxanne Marie, Facebook

    7. And when you're in a hurry, your clumsiness increases by roughly 200%.


    8. You rarely wear white or light-colored clothing, because you know you'll ruin it.

    The Disney Channel

    —Chris Feine, Facebook

    9. You're always second-guessing how bad your injuries truly are, because you're always in pain from clumsy falls, anyway.


    —Abigail Winchester, Facebook

    10. All of your parents' stories about you as a kid seem to revolve around you being a total klutz.

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    —Chris Feine, Facebook

    11. And all your coaches growing up never understood how you survived, because you were always hurting yourself during off-season.

    Walt Disney Pictures

    —Natalie Carpiaux, Facebook

    12. Your doctors always think you're just a damn mess when they see all of your bruises and hear about your weird ailments.


    —Emily Heller, Facebook

    13. And you were very familiar with the nurse’s office at school, because gym class was your worst enemy.

    Red Hour

    —Daniel Richards, Facebook

    14. You have a glorious collection of casts, crutches, and splints from over the years that you can whip out when something hurts.


    15. People rarely believe the stories behind your injuries. Yes, I did sprain my ankle from falling off my couch.

    Paramount Pictures

    16. Being around pretty much anything valuable is your personal hell.

    17. And every damn day is an obstacle course you have to get through — it's a miracle you're still here, tbh.

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