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19 Infuriating “Game Of Thrones” Moments Guaranteed To Piss You Off

HOLD THE DOOR. [Spoilers ahead!]

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which Game Of Thrones moments truly pissed them off. Try not to throw your phone or computer while reliving these.

2. When Khal Drogo died from the smallest knife scratch that just got super infected.


Dany just HAD to bring the evil witch lady — whose village they just destroyed — to "heal" him, which led to the deaths of her husband and unborn son. Way to go.

a4fc9 and avacado03


5. Margaery's death, because she had so much to contribute to the rest of the series.


She was building up to something big, maybe like manipulating the High Sparrow until she could finally get her brother released when — BOOM — there was an explosion, and everyone was dead. She deserved so much better.

durantdhm and ughrea11y

6. When Catelyn kidnapped Tyrion without really thinking it through.


Okay so it was one of the biggest catalysts that set the whole story in motion, but like, did she not once stop to think about how that action was going to completely mess things up for her family?



8. When Robb Stark married Talisa and basically caused the Red Wedding.


Robb, you were promised to a Frey girl. You don't think breaking that promise would cause some issues, honey????

narsonas and Charlie Carrillo, Facebook

9. When Catelyn died before learning that Ned didn't cheat on her, and that Jon Snow was actually her nephew and not Ned's bastard son.


I just want to see the look on her face when she found out. Like "oh shit, my bad, fam." I feel like we got cheated, especially poor Jon Snow.


11. When Brienne was waiting for Sansa to signal she was ready to be saved, and then left literally seconds before Sansa could make it up to the tower.


Yeah, they met up later in the series, but when you watch it for the first time, you assume they'll all die in a blood bath soon. Because it's Game of Thrones.



19. And all the times the Starks have been SO CLOSE to being reunited, but something happens to keep them apart.


Arya showed up to see Robb and her mother, RIGHT when the Red Wedding was going down. She and the Hound showed up in The Eyrie but didn't know Sansa was inside. Let's just hope Arya makes it home to Winterfell this season.


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