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23 Weird As Hell U.S. Laws You Won't Believe Are Real

Don't you dare try slurping your soup in New Jersey, because it's against the law.

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community for the weirdest U.S. laws they've ever heard of. Here are the strange results.

Note: Not all submissions were suggested by Community members.

1. Don't slurp your soup in New Jersey, because it's against the law.


2. In Carmel, California, high heels over two inches are strictly prohibited without a permit.


3. In Portland, Oregon, you can be arrested for spitting in public — even on the sidewalk outside.

—Jennifer Katchmar, Facebook

—Jennifer Katchmar, Facebook

4. If Halloween falls on a Sunday in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, trick-or-treating must take place the night before.

Lee Mendelson Productions / Via

5. You can't sell your eye in Texas.

New Line Cinema

6. It's a huge no-no to give your dog beer in Maine.

7. In Georgia, you're not allowed to use profanity in front of anyone under the age of 14.

—Sonnet Fitzgerald, Facebook
Universal Studios

—Sonnet Fitzgerald, Facebook

8. Any candy with more than 1% alcohol in it is illegal to give to kids in Massachusetts.

Cartoon Network

9. Riding a horse on the highway with the intent of racing is illegal in Rhode Island.

Roth Films

10. Don't even think about skiing while drunk in Wyoming, because it's a punishable offense.


11. In Texas, it's unlawful to sell dildos, because they're considered "obscene material."

—Sonnet Fitzgerald, Facebook
Universal Studios

—Sonnet Fitzgerald, Facebook

12. Throwing rocks at trains in Wisconsin is a class B misdemeanor.


13. Don't you dare collect rainwater in Colorado — it's against the state water law.

Republic Records

14. In New Hampshire, it’s illegal to walk away with or collect seaweed at night.

—Debra Ann, Facebook

—Debra Ann, Facebook

15. "Illegal importation of skunks" is an actual thing in Tennessee, and you just don't want to be caught doing it.


16. If you've ever been convicted of a felony, you cannot operate a bingo game in Pennsylvania.

Columbia Pictures / Apatow Productions

17. In Arizona, you better treat cacti with respect, or you could end up in jail.

—Brett Vergara

18. You're not allowed to keep rats as pets in Billings, Montana.

Disney / Pixar

19. You're not allowed to be drunk on a train while in Michigan.


20. Make sure to post the proper warning signs on your property if you're a llama professional in Georgia.

–Jordan Christine, Facebook
YouTube / FilmCow

–Jordan Christine, Facebook

21. In North Carolina, it's illegal to disrupt a funeral service in any way, whether it's singing, chanting, or yelling.

—Anna Kopsky

22. You're not allowed to eat fried chicken with anything but your hands in Gainesville, Georgia.

Warner Bros.

23. And oral and anal sex just aren't allowed in Virginia.


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