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    19 Fucked-Up YouTube Videos That’ll Scare The Hell Out Of You

    *does an exorcism on the entire internet*

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community for the scariest YouTube videos. Here are the spine-tingling results.

    1. "Cooking Idol"

    A small doll that looks like it’s possessed by Satan himself yells at you about eating red food. WHO THINKS OF THESE THINGS?


    2. "I Feel Fantastic"

    Tara the Android, a robot with a blonde wig, moves around creepily and sings, "I feel fantastic," over and over again. There are TONS of theories behind this, including one where the video's creator is a murderer, and this doll is wearing the victim's clothes. Um, THE FUCK?

    —Alyssa Cass, Facebook

    3. "11B-X-1371"

    This scary-as-fuck plague doctor just STANDS AND MAKES NOISES THE WHOLE VIDEO. Are you trying to communicate with us or scare us???? HELLO?????


    4. "Street Walking"

    This masterpiece by YouTube character Shaye Saint John will leave you utterly stunned — it's 60 seconds of this mannequin-looking person walking through a neighborhood. That's it. But it's weird.

    —Cierra Anderson, Facebook

    5. "He Took His Skin Off For Me"

    This guy PEELS HIS SKIN OFF to be more honest in his relationship, and it starts fucking with his confidence and mental state. My heart was warm while watching this, but the end made me want to hurl.

    Anna Kopsky

    6. "Little Baby's Ice Cream"

    This... human being... is covered in ice cream, maybe even made of it, and begins to eat his or her self. The whole video. That's fun, right? RIGHT?

    —Jennifer Torkkola, Facebook

    7. "Sad Satan"

    The deep web is no fucking joke, and watching people play a game called "Sad Satan" proves that. This low-quality video is mostly darkness with footstep sounds and other terrifying, inexplicable noises. It'll haunt you.

    —Jon Parker, Facebook

    8. "Lights Out"

    This video inspired the movie by the same name that came out this year. It's about a woman who sees a lanky figure every time she turns the lights out, so she tries to sleep with the lights on — but the spirit's like, "Lol, nice try, bitch!"


    9. "late for meeting"

    This naked claymation guy is *literally* late for a meeting, but watching him prance around will make you uncomfortable.


    10. "Rubber Johnny"

    An alien hangs out with a puppy in a pitch black room while listening to EDM. Seriously, that's it. I HATE IT.

    —Elizabeth Webster, Facebook

    11. "I Am Your Grandma"

    A girl made this video as a message to her future grandchild. It's literally just her singing, "I am your grandma," over and over again. Heartwarming.


    12. "Spoilsbury Toast Boy"

    A boy wants to spend time with his grandma, but he's delusional as hell, so that kinda spoils the experience for everyone. This is made by the same humans who created the joyful "Salad Fingers."


    13. "Pencil Face"

    A girl finds a giant pencil, and she can use it to draw anything she desires into reality. Unfortunately for her, this magic device she finds is kind of messed up in its lead-filled head.


    14. "Dining Room Or There Is Nothing"

    A girl sits down for a quiet dinner that literally goes up in flames. She doesn't get up, she just lets the chaos consume her. Same.


    15. "A Furry Re-Birthing"

    Everyone who's seen this has referred to it as satire... BUT, GUYS — IT'S SO WEIRD. A mannequin gets ~transformed~ into a stuffed animal. IT'S FUCKED UP!


    16. "Don't Hug Me I'm Scared"

    It starts off adorable, with cute, stuffed-animal-looking creatures, and then it turns sour — fast. Seriously. It'll end, and you'll be like, "Did I just experience hell?"


    17. "Squidward's Suicide"

    Quite some time ago, a group of Nickelodeon interns claim to have seen a lost SpongeBob episode where Squidward's eyes start dripping crimson, and this is the horrifying reenactment that someone created. GOOD LUCK!


    18. "Daisy Unwinds"

    Okay, seriously... WHAT. IS. THIS??? Is that a doll in a garbage bag? Or a human? WHY IS HE FEEDING IT DINNER? IS IT ACCEPTING THE FOOD? Time to never sleep again.


    19. And "Bedfellows"

    Are you sleeping next to your boo right now? Well, you THINK you are. Why don't you take a look to make sure it's them?


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