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19 Fucked-Up YouTube Videos That’ll Scare The Hell Out Of You

*does an exorcism on the entire internet*

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community for the scariest YouTube videos. Here are the spine-tingling results.

2. "I Feel Fantastic"

Tara the Android, a robot with a blonde wig, moves around creepily and sings, "I feel fantastic," over and over again. There are TONS of theories behind this, including one where the video's creator is a murderer, and this doll is wearing the victim's clothes. Um, THE FUCK?

—Alyssa Cass, Facebook


7. "Sad Satan"

The deep web is no fucking joke, and watching people play a game called "Sad Satan" proves that. This low-quality video is mostly darkness with footstep sounds and other terrifying, inexplicable noises. It'll haunt you.

—Jon Parker, Facebook


8. "Lights Out"

This video inspired the movie by the same name that came out this year. It's about a woman who sees a lanky figure every time she turns the lights out, so she tries to sleep with the lights on — but the spirit's like, "Lol, nice try, bitch!"