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17 Seriously Scary Wikipedia Pages That’ll Scare The Hell Out Of You

Good luck sleeping tonight.

We asked the BuzzFeed Community for the creepiest Wikipedia pages they’ve ever read. Here are the insane results.

WARNING: Some images in this post are highly disturbing. Continue at your own risk.

1. Carl Tanzler

Wikipedia Commons / CC BY 2.0 / / Fair Use

He was caring for a tuberculosis patient when he became desperately obsessed with her — even after her death. Years later, he took her body from its tomb and kept it at his house for seven years. WTF?!


2. Post-mortem photography

Wikipedia Commons / Public Domain

So it used to be a heartfelt gesture to take photos of your loved ones who'd recently died in the 19th century. Now? Just freakin' weird, man.


3. June and Jennifer Gibbons

AKA "The Silent Twins," they communicated ONLY with each other, committed crimes together, and were sent to a high-security psychiatric hospital as teens. In 1980, one twin mysteriously died of heart inflammation, and her sister insisted it was a "sacrifice" so the other could live normally. K.


4. Whole-body transplant

Did you know you could take the brain of one person and put it in the body of another, letting them keep their memories and personality but in a whole new body? WELL YOU CAN, AND IT'S FREAKY.

Anna Kopsky

5. List of people who disappeared mysteriously

Wikipedia Commons / Public Domain / Fair Use

There are hundreds of people from before the 1800s to now who've gone missing and NEVER been found. That's insane. And after a while, these poor souls are declared dead, just because they've been gone so long.


6. Rosemary and Fred West

Wikipedia Commons / Fair Use

This couple supposedly tortured and killed young girls he'd pick up from bus stops around their Durham, England, home between 1973-87, along with Rosemary's 8-year-old stepdaughter and Fred's 16-year-old daughter. Horrifying.


7. Kelly–Hopkinsville encounter

Wikipedia Commons / Public Domain / CC BY-SA 4.0 /

In August 1955, a group of adults and kids went to Kentucky police claiming that 2- to 4-foot creatures with large pointed ears and clawlike hands had attacked their home. The funniest part? People today think they just saw owls. OWLS!!!!

—Jessica Coffey, Facebook

8. Disappearance of Zebb Quinn


In one of the strangest disappearances in recent years, Quinn went missing in 2001 after a shift at Walmart. His car was found days later with a pair of lips drawn on the windshield and a live puppy inside. Confused? Me too.


9. Murder of James Bulger

Wikipedia Commons / Public Domain / Via
Wikipedia Commons / CCTV / Via

Two 10-year-old boys lured a toddler away from his mom in a shopping mall and led him to some train tracks, where they mutilated the boy so badly that the autopsy couldn't reveal his actual cause of death. The boys never gave an explanation for their actions.


10. The Toy-Box Killer

Wikipedia Commons / Fair Use

He sexually tortured victims in a decked-out chamber he called his "Toy Box," filled with chains, whips, and even saws. Even though there's no actual proof he killed anyone, he's presumed to have murdered almost 60 women. Just awful.


11. McStay family murder

Wikipedia Commons / Fair Use

This entire family was found dead in the desert near their California home in 2013, but even after years of investigation, no one knows the story behind their deaths. Did they plan this on their own, or did they have enemies? It's fucked up, y'all.


12. Exploding head syndrome

AVCO Embassy Pictures

So this happens when someone constantly imagines they hear noises — think a gunshot or a bomb exploding — but it's all in their head. The cause of this horrifying syndrome is totally unknown.

—Mallory Amanda, Facebook

13. Karla Homolka

CBC News / Via

She was married to the Scarborough Rapist (Paul Bernardo) and helped him rape and murder three women — including her little sister.


14. Salish Sea human foot discoveries

Starting in 2007, detached feet started showing up on the shores of the Salish Sea in Canada. There have been 16 feet reported found, and sometimes people place fake feet in the area, because of course they do.

—Daniel Greene, Facebook

15. Armin Meiwes

Barcroft TV / Via

In 2001, Miewes posted on a blog for people with cannibal fetishes saying he was looking for someone to eat, GOT A RESPONSE, and feasted on this other guy who supposedly wanted to be eaten. Why?????


16. Spontaneous human combustion

This one's fucked up: It happens when a person, living OR dead, explodes out of nowhere without any apparent source of ignition. BYE.


17. Katherine Knight

The first Australian woman to be given life imprisonment without parole, Knight stabbed her husband to death, skinned him, cooked him, and placed his body parts on plates with name place cards next to them. HOLY FUCK???


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