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Which Restaurant Has The Most Insane Brunch?

Firecracker Pulled Brisket Eggs Benedict exists in London, so let’s go.

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Hi. Brunch is hands down the best part of every weekend, and some restaurants have truly delicious options.

Sony / Parkwood

Like maybe you tried the Cornbread French Toast at Turning Point in Little Silver, New Jersey, and it changed your life.

Perhaps the Firecracker Pulled Brisket Eggs Benedict from Tried & True in London left you in a daze.

The insane Bloody Mary setup that The Grid in Chicago sells probably ruined all other alcoholic drinks for you.


Or maybe the Belgian Chocolate Waffles from WUFF in Dublin put you into a food coma.

Brunch is basically an essential part of life, so tell us: Where's the best brunch you've ever eaten?


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