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    Amanda Bynes' "Amanda Please!" Website Is Still Up And Running

    Amanda, please!


    The original Amanda Please! website definitely still exists. It looks exactly the same as it did when "The Amanda Show" ended in 2002.

    Upon entering the site, you'll hear the glorious "The Amanda Show" theme song.

    You can still ask Penelope all of your extremely pressing questions.

    And after you send in your questions, you'll get a "personalized" message from Amanda's #1 Fan herself.

    Don't forget to flip through Penelope's collection of "Almost Actual Photos."

    And her Amanda Scrapbook.

    You can even play *most* of the games, like "Words That Rhyme With Amanda."

    And experience extreme nostalgia with the strange questions Penelope has answered on the site.

    Finally, find out more about the girl who was BORN into the Amanda fandom.

    You can check out the site for yourself right here.

    Penelope thanks you for your attention, please.