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17 Realities Only Dance BFFs Know To Be True

Without them in your life, what's the pointe?

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1. You all understand that "I have dance" has always been a valid excuse for not going somewhere.

2. You know more about each other than is probably necessary, because you've pretty much been forced to spend every waking second with them.

3. You've truly experienced each other at your most exhausted and sweaty, and still love one another.

4. And you're incredibly comfortable together, because, let's be real -- you've seen each other naked. Several times. "Normal" friends don't usually experience that kind of closeness.

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5. You've also had to wear the ugliest outfits together, and instead of being embarrassed, you've laughed and owned your unique look.

6. You have bonded during six-to-eight hour rehearsals, which is a pain no one else could even FATHOM understanding.

7. You're the first ones there to make up new moves when someone suffers massive embarrassment and messes up a routine completely.

8. You've been present for the worst physical injuries the others have experienced, and can therefore accurately recount the tale to anyone who asks.

9. As a result of spending hours waiting backstage for your next performance, you're great at finding creative ways as a group to pass the time. Bonding moments.

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10. Only your dance friends truly understand the frustration of a teacher instructing you to make every move concise, while remaining graceful, AND continuing to smile like nothing hurts.

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11. And you know you can always count on each other to feel better after receiving unfair criticism.

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12. You’ve traveled together to perform, and have shared amazing experiences that no one else could even try to understand.

13. You don't judge each other over the necessity to break out in dance in public.

14. In fact, your dance friends are probably the only friends who actually just join in, no matter where you are.

15. You have inside jokes spawned from sleepless nights during competition weekends.

16. Together, you've experienced the true bliss of stuffing your faces with food after a ridiculously long day of rehearsing.

17. And you have a natural lifelong bond, because no one will ever understand your hectic lifestyle like they do.

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