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    16 Things You'll Only Understand If You're The "Weird" Friend

    *makes pterodactyl noises*

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us why they love being the strange friend. Here are the relatable-as-hell results.

    1. First of all, you can be goofy as HELL and none of your friends freak out, because they expect you to be that way.


    2. You don’t even have to try to act “normal” anymore. Whatever that is.


    3. Because everything you do, no matter how embarrassing, is "normal." You could rock a bathing suit, a wizard hat, and Uggs and no one would bat an eyelash.

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    —Yoni Y. Newkirk-McKoy, Facebook

    4. You never have to defend how strange you are, because everyone knows and loves you for it.

    Netflix / Lionsgate

    5. You always send the best articles in the group chat — your buds might not've known how octopi have sex... but now they do, thanks to you.

    NT News

    6. Your buds always go to you for plans, 'cause they know whatever you choose will be the most fun.

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    7. And when your suggestions get really out there, no one even blinks an eye.



    8. You can say something nonsensical out of the blue and they accept you.

    Comedy Central


    9. You’re always the one making everyone smile and laugh, even at the most inappropriate times.

    The CW

    10. If you do something utterly embarrassing, the whole group can all laugh about it with no feelings hurt.

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    —Joelle Duffin, Facebook

    11. When a new friend enters the group, it's entertaining seeing all of the weird looks they give you. They'll get used to you.

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    12. On the rare occasion that you get serious, your pals know shit’s about to go down and actually focus.


    13. You know no one will make fun of you, because they've started to act the same after hanging out with you for so long.

    The CW

    14. And your friends know it’s OK to let their freak flags fly with you, because they KNOW you would never judge.


    15. You've come to accept yourself a lot more, and see the great things about yourself, thanks to your friends' acceptance.


    —Joelle Duffin, Facebook

    16. And the best part of all is knowing you don't have to change a single damn thing about yourself in order to keep them around.


    —Sarah Morgeson, Facebook

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