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    17 School Vacation Spots In The US If You Hate The Beach

    Because not every break requires sand or a passport.

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    Sure, you could spend your spring break on the couch with a bad case of FOMO or draining your bank account on a crowded beach.

    1. St. Louis, Missouri

    2. Portland, Maine

    3. Atlanta, Georgia

    4. Asheville, North Carolina

    5. Chicago, Illinois

    6. San Antonio, Texas

    7. New Haven, Connecticut

    8. Lake Placid, New York

    9. Seattle, Washington

    10. Tucson, Arizona

    11. Washington, D.C.

    12. Louisville, Kentucky

    13. Chattanooga, Tennessee

    14. San Francisco, California

    15. Cincinnati, Ohio

    16. Santa Fe, New Mexico

    17. Springdale, Utah

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