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    40 Playful Home Decor Ideas And DIYs That Will Make Your Interiors Stand Out

    Just because you're a grown up doesn't mean, you can't play around with some crazy home decor.

    1. Drawer handles from cut toys

    2. Drink bottle soap dispenser

    3. Hand stamped walls instead of a wall paper

    4. A poster to color in together with your family

    5. DIY pom pom rug

    6. Tiny DIY light bulb terrarium

    7. Unusual cork board for wine lovers

    8. DIY cross stitch hoop

    9. Hidden book storage

    10. Light bulbs turned into hanging vases

    11. Wooden handpainted jewelry holder

    12. DIY Origami lamp shade

    13. Door turned into a corner shelf

    14. Wooster Hat Lamps by Jake Phipps

    15. Minimalistic mobile for the bedroom

    16. Lace curtains as screen covers

    17. Colorful succulents centerpiece

    18. Ombre stairs

    19. Antique camera turned to a hanging planter

    20. Spacy upholstery chair

    21. Hexagonal upgrade for your walls

    22. Tape wall art frames

    23. Magnetic bottle holder

    24. Closet door upgrade

    25. Grassy drying rack

    26. DIY mason jar pedant lightning

    27. Ping Pong ball lights

    28. Wood crates turned to shelves

    29. Test tube vases

    30. Hand crocheted hamburger stool

    31. Sharpie doodles lamp stand

    32. Horse head wall hanging

    33. Illustrated wall clock

    34. Get your shit together embroidery wall art

    35. DIY Macrame dreamcatcher

    36. Hand lettered canvas

    37. Succulent in a concrete planter

    38. Embroidered kitchen towels

    39. Golden mini zoo for your succulent jungle

    40. And last, but not least... a pillow with your cat's face!