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20 Times Life Was Tough For Sweaty Women

Sweat, sweat, baby!

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2. No. We're talking a full-fledged sweat waterfall.

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For most people, it takes hours of intense physical exertion to get as sweaty as you do just walking up a flight of stairs.


6. Which all adds up to summers being absolute hell for you.

13. Everyone always seems to think you're just coming back from an athletic event.

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Which you sometimes are, but it's impossible to tell the difference.

15. If you get too excited, it's all over.

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16. And sweating all over the dance floor can be an actual hazard.

18. Blow drying your hair doesn't make any sense because the humidity from YOUR OWN SWEATY HEAD is just going to drench it again in about 2.7 seconds.

But you look great anyways, seriously.

19. Then there are those days where you shower and find yourself covered in sweat again five minutes later. / Via