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    20 Times Life Was Tough For Sweaty Women

    Sweat, sweat, baby!

    1. You just always sweat! But it's not like you're glistening in a sexy way...

    2. No. We're talking a full-fledged sweat waterfall.

    3. And whoever came up with these gray shirts was the most evil person in the world.

    4. Actually, you know what? ALL brightly colored clothes are problematic.

    5. And while we're at it, so are those stupid, shiny satin blouses.

    6. Which all adds up to summers being absolute hell for you.

    7. There's a permanent patch of sweat on your upper lip.

    8. Any time you've been sitting for a while, when you stand up, it definitely looks like you didn't make it to the bathroom in time.

    9. And if you're sitting on leather, if you can manage to get yourself unstuck, you leave behind a pretty ghastly scene.

    10. Actually, sitting on any surface is a disaster. Best to avoid it.

    11. Your bra always ends up looking like this at the end of the day:

    12. And sometimes it even soaks right through the bra straight to your shirt.

    13. Everyone always seems to think you're just coming back from an athletic event.

    14. You're always thinking up excuses not to let a cuddle go too long so you can avoid soaking them in your sweat.

    15. If you get too excited, it's all over.

    16. And sweating all over the dance floor can be an actual hazard.

    17. "Am I sweaty or am I just getting my period?" is a question that you ask yourself often.

    18. Blow drying your hair doesn't make any sense because the humidity from YOUR OWN SWEATY HEAD is just going to drench it again in about 2.7 seconds.

    19. Then there are those days where you shower and find yourself covered in sweat again five minutes later.

    20. But even if being a sweaty mess often gets on your nerves...

    ... celebrate your sweat! Because most people put on tons of make-up to get that "glow" effect that you just have naturally!