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    18 True Facts About Make-Up

    100% scientifically proven facts about your morning routine.

    1. Your *subtle* eye-liner look always end up looking like this when you try to make both sides even:

    2. Perfectly applied eyeliner is a gift from god and is rarer than a lunar eclipse.

    3. And managing to do it twice? That's like winning the make-up lottery.

    4. The probability of sneezing increases by 100% as soon as you start doing your make-up.

    5. Using a new lipstick for the first time is almost a sexual experience.

    6. And after a long day, slowly taking off fake eyelashes is better than an orgasm.

    7. Perfect eyebrows are almost hypnotic... healing, even.

    8. And these are practically crimes against humanity:

    9. And those "no make-up look" tutorial are essentially a joke.

    10. Matte lipsticks are the best lipsticks.

    11. Mascara is never on your side.

    12. This is worse than a death in the family:

    13. And there are those days when no matter how hard you try, you're never going to get those fake eyelashes on both eyes. Just give up.

    14. This is better than real chocolate:

    15. The right eyebrow is the ugly girlfriend of the left eyebrow:

    16. And the second you're outside your familiar mirror and your familiar bathroom, your perfect look falls apart.

    17. What you see here probably costs more than you earn in a week:

    18. And you better hope you don't accidentally rub your eyes.