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24 Pictures That Will Make Any Server Say "Fuck This!"

I'm clocking out and going home.

1. When this happens to you right at the start of your shift:

2. Or worse yet, when this happens:

3. When you drop a 5-gallon bucket of ice in the middle of the kitchen:

4. When you get stuck filling all the salt shakers:

5. When you ask yourself why people have to be so shitty.

6. When a party of 4 million people walks in five minutes before closing time...

7. ...and wants to pay separately...

8. card...

9. ...and the card reader isn't charged.

10. When you cut your finger...

11. ...and then have to finish slicing lemons.

12. When somebody thinks that this is an appropriate tip:

13. Or when guests want to say thank you in a creative way:

14. When you spend hours polishing silverware and wrapping it in napkins...

15. ...and then this happens...

16. ...and then when all the pens fall out of your shirt pocket when you bend over to pick up the silverware.

17. Or when you keep them in your pants pockets instead, and come home to this at the end of the night:

18. When you can't find your pad and have to improvise:

19. When you realize your entire wardrobe has slowly become entirely black:

20. When guests let out their frustration on the coasters:

21. When happy hour is about to end and everyone rushes to pay at the exact same time:

22. And then your area clears out and you know that you're not taking home anything in tips that night:

23. So you head out for a smoke break, which lasts approximately six seconds before a guest walks in:

24. But no matter how bad things might get, nothing feels quite as good when your shift is over and you can finally relax: