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    18 Reasons To Never Leave A Teenager Alone For More Than 5 Minutes


    1. Because they can't be left at home by themselves.

    2. Because you never know what they'll get up to if they're left to their own devices...

    3. ...or who they'll marry.

    4. Because teenagers don't know how to act when they're in love.

    5. Because they don't know how to use their time sensibly.

    6. Because you definitely can't leave them alone with their friends.

    7. Because they do everything they see on Instagram and all of a sudden you've got to make a run to the emergency room to make sure their lips aren't going to fall off.

    8. Because they don't have any boundaries, and never know when they've gone too far.

    9. Because they're incapable of acting in any way other than impulsively.

    10. Because they just cannot care for themselves.

    11. Because they'll do whatever their friends are doing. No matter how dumb. No matter how dangerous.

    12. Because they're incapable of being respectful.

    People are putting the FUN back into FUNERAL with Snapchat filters on dead relatives! Obvs!

    13. Because they don't pay attention in school.

    14. They're incapable of knowing when something is and is not appropriate.

    15. And because they'll take any excuse to twerk.

    16. Because they're so, so, dumb.

    17. Because when they want something, they go and get it.

    18. Because in their hearts, they're still just children.