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15 Times Teyonah Parris Killed The Fashion Game

From Parris with Love.

1. This is Teyonah Parris.

2. Recognize her? Maybe you know her from Mad Men? She played Don's assistant.

3. Or maybe from the best indie film of the past few years, Dear White People.

4. She's not only an incredible actress but also the owner of the world's best Afro.

5. With or without Afro, her hair game is on point!

6. Only Teyonah looks good in turquoise satin.

7. OK, she just looks good in everything.

8. And her hair! #Goals

9. Whether it's classically elegant...

10. ...or casual. Teyonah can pull off anything and everything.

11. Her style game is epic!


13. To the right of Teyonah you can see her mom. Not her sister. Her mom. I repeat: HER MOM.

14. You can currently marvel at her in Spike Lee's latest movie Chi-Raq.

15. 😍✨Oh, Teyonah. We are not worthy. ✨😍