24 Reasons 16 Handles Is Not Your Friend

Who decided we could be left alone with a froyo machine, anyway?

1. Everything seems fine from afar

3. Until the panic sets in

4. And the bright lights start calling your name

5. You pretty much don’t have a choice now

6. So when you get in you try really hard to stay focused

7. But then you remember why your gut screamed RUN

8. And you start to freak out a little


10. Everything is mocking you

11. And you start to lose control

13. But you keep going because there’s no turning back now

14. And just when you think it’s the end

15. It’s not

16. You want to run but you’re stuck now

17. So you grab another cup or two because at this point

18. Baked goods? SURE

19. Mini Reese’s cups? YES, PLEASE

21. Ew, fruit, get away

22. At this point you don’t even know anymore

23. And you can’t help but feel judged

24. But in the end, you’re always just like

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