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17 Cats So Pissed They're Not Kittens Anymore

Because it's not easy getting older.

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1. Just close it on me.

2. Seriously, just walk away.

3. Nothing fits anymore.

4. And there's no way this is happening ever again.

5. Because I feel death is upon me.

6. Just another year gone by.

7. But I'm glad this still makes you happy.

8. Not.

9. Oh, and look! More wrinkles.

10. Guess I'll just sit here forever.

11. Or in this ditch.

12. Or on this pile of garbage.

13. It's just... nothing feels the same.

14. And I'm literally crying about it.

15. Like all the time.

16. Can't even look at you.

17. Yeah. You.

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