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23 Struggles All Ambitious People With Depression Know Too Well

All of the dreams, none of the motivation.

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2. On a totally unrelated note, you also deal with depression.

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You know, that sometimes-debilitating mental illness that causes symptoms that interfere how you feel, think, and handle daily activities.

3. And these two facts are always frustratingly, obnoxiously unavoidably at odds with one another.


Especially because some common symptoms are hopelessness, difficulty concentrating, loss of interest in hobbies, and LACK OF MOTIVATION.

4. You love the idea of doing, moving, creating — but your depression has other ideas.

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Some days it’s hard enough to brush your hair, let alone tackle some of the lofty dreams you have for yourself.


7. Sometimes your energy and motivation doesn't last past the planning stages.

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Reality always sets in as soon as you actually have to do things.


10. There's a lot of procrastinating, because you tell yourself you don't want to start something until you can give it your all.

At this point, the Venn diagram of things you want to do and the things you’ve mentally shelved for later are a circle.


17. You've tried to get yourself to chill and start celebrating smaller victories, but it's just not the same.

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When your depression is at its worst, scaling your goals back from "take over the world" to "brush your teeth" can be frustrating as hell.

19. And sometimes you second-guess whether you really want to achieve your goals anymore or if depression is just making you lose interest.

20. When you do accomplish a goal, you're momentarily pissed that it doesn't solve all your mental health problems.

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...before remembering a mental illness doesn't care about your accolades.


21. All the standard advice about ~achieving your dreams~ is pretty annoying at this point, tbh.

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Yeah, depression isn't going to stop you, but when you're dealing with it, success is more complicated than a bunch of feel-good platitudes.

22. You constantly have to remind yourself that your treatment is helping you move toward a future you want, not hurting you, thanks to people who romanticize ~suffering for your work~.

23. But ultimately, you know you’re going to achieve your goals no matter what, because you’re ambitious as fuck and managing your depression as you grow is just another challenge.

By the way: Relatable posts are fine and good, but nothing beats getting the help you need. SO, here are some quick resources, just in case:

* You learn more about starting therapy here, since pretty much everyone can benefit from talking to a professional.

* You can learn more about depression here.

* 7 Cups and IMAlive are free, anonymous online text chat services with trained listeners, online therapists, and counselors.

* Vent and Paralign are community-based apps where you can express yourself anonymously and connect with people who might be feeling the same way.

* If you need to talk to someone immediately — about suicidal thoughts or anything mental-health related — the US National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is 1-800-273-8255. A list of international suicide hotlines can be found here.