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Come Anonymously Confess Your Dirtiest Fantasy

We want to hear from people of different ages, genders, and sexualities about their favorite sexual fantasies.

Fantasies are great, whether you dream of carrying them out or just enjoy the thought to ~get in the mood~.

Dirty fantasies, romantic ones, kinky ones, ones involving celebrities or friends or fictional characters, elaborate ones or simple ones — you probably have at least one or two tucked away.

And judging by a poll BuzzFeed Health ran, you might even have one super secret fantasy you keep under lock and key.

So we want to know: What is a big fantasy of yours — whether it's one you actually want to happen IRL or one that's just hot as fuck to think about?

Tell us (in a few sentences to a paragraph) in the anonymous form or in the comments below and your answer could appear in an upcoming BuzzFeed Health post. Don’t be afraid to go into detail, get explicit, and have fun with it. Your response can be 100% anonymous!