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29 Times Tumblr Perfectly Summed Up Social Anxiety

Raise your hand if you've ever felt personally victimized by social anxiety.

1. This accurate representation of how anxiety shuts down your YOLO attitude:

2. This post that understands the glory of canceled plans:

3. What it's like to be told for the millionth time that you're ~shy~:

4. This post that knows an integral part of your personal hygiene routine:

5. Every time you log onto the computer it's all:

6. A perfect response for anyone who's all, "OMG, you have social anxiety? But you're ~so~ social!":

7. This summary of your school experience in a nutshell, basically:

8. Your very specific routine every time you want to be social:

9. What happens EVERY TIME your friends drag you out against your will:

10. This post that knows sometimes words escape you:

11. How your anxiety pretty much makes you question your relationships on the reg:

12. This explanation that you wish you could casually slide to your friends:

13. The major FOMO you get when you really want to go out, but your anxiety is like, "LOL no":

14. This post that has the physical symptoms down PAT:

15. An accurate representation of your go-to defense mechanism:

16. The low-key paranoia of any social interaction ever:

17. When SNL got too real:

18. For those days when you don't even know WHY you're feeling so effing anxious:

19. Proof you're not alone in the bizarre things anxiety makes you do:

20. When it doesn't matter how much you technically know better:

21. Why socializing feels like the worst sometimes:

22. The least helpful advice in the world, brought to you by everyone all the time:


24. This post that explains perfectly why water breaks are your best friend, ever:

25. The times when your anxiety feels like a freaking bully:

26. The debate that is CONSTANTLY going on in your head:

27. This post that understands that anxiety is indeed in your head, DUH:

28. This very important PSA for your friends and loved ones:

29. Finally, this important reminder that you don't have to justify yourself or your anxiety to anyone: