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21 Things People Wish They'd Known Before Going Through Puberty

OK, puberty, still waiting for you to make me hot.

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3. Not to mention, it might last a lot longer than you think it's going to.

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"Puberty can keep going for years after you expect it to end! I always had this idea that by the time you graduated high school, boom puberty was over. But it wasn't until I was 22 that I finally got hips (or boobs for that matter) and finally started looking like a grown lady. Puberty happens for everyone at different times and in different ways. Don't freak out if it 'hasn't happened' for you yet." —Molly Jane Sisson, Facebook


4. Your emotions change just as much as your body.

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"I wish I’d known that the emotional changes would be WAY more jarring than anything that happened to my body. You hear a lot as a kid about the physical changes that happen during puberty, but I wish I’d been more educated on how to deal with everything going on socially, mentally, and emotionally." —loganm440b1d57b

6. Those ~sexual feels~ are nothing to be ashamed of.

"You'll experience new feelings of arousal and it's OK. You're on your way to becoming a sexual person, and you should probably learn about it and how to act around those feelings, instead of hiding it like it's totally shameful." —Benoit Clément, Facebook


8. It's not necessarily going to be a pain marathon.

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"TV shows and movies had me believe that puberty was this physically painful time. Really, the only physical pain was pretty minor, especially compared to the death-like experience I was anticipating." —TinaRuthBelcher

10. You probably won't always be able to eat this way with the same results.

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"You can eat two pizzas, three gallons of soda, and eight donuts now with no consequences, but after puberty? Well, expect to gain 30 pounds." —Samantha C. Sullivan, Facebook

11. Don't stress if you're a late bloomer. It'll happen.

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"You're going to look like you're 12 until you're about 15, but the puberty gods will come around eventually so don't stress so much about it." —Ry Lee, Facebook


13. Glasses are nothing to be embarrassed about.

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"Glasses aren't there to make you look 'dorky' or 'nerdy.' You have them because you cannot see well and they're there to serve a purpose. So, just learn to rock your specs in your own special way, even if you only wear them all day every once and a while. You'll soon learn to love them because you'll realize they're both functional AND fashionable!" —Casey Bishop, Facebook

14. You should ask a ton of questions because everyone goes through it and the more you know, the better.

15. That includes speaking up if something seems off, because not everything that happens to you is because of puberty.

"Puberty can bring genetic diseases out to play. Don't brush weird/concerning symptoms under the rug because 'eh, puberty.'" —Shaylon Blair Stolk, Facebook


16. Don't think something is wrong with you based on who you are or aren't attracted to.

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"Maybe you're a late bloomer who won't get interested in boys until later or maybe like me, you're actually just gay. You'll figure it out in time. Until then, don't beat yourself up." —Amelia Barr, Facebook

"Asexuality is a-okay." —Mariah McGarvey, Facebook

17. Puberty might be especially complicated if your gender identity is different than your sex assigned at birth.

"As a trans guy, I wish someone would have told me that puberty would make me more dysphoric than I already was and how tiring hiding my curves and binding my chest would be. And that even though all that would happen I’d still be the manliest most handsome guy in the world no matter all the changes my body would go through." —demlaughs


21. As cheesy as it sounds, stay true to yourself and stuff.

"ALWAYS put yourself first, never sacrifice who you are, how you act, or what you wear to get guys or girls to like you. Being yourself and being open about what and who you love takes a world of stress off your shoulders. If you have to compromise any part of yourself for someone they’re not your friends. You are perfect and changing any part of you is a crime against yourself." —katieh450c17973