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    21 Things That Late Bloomers Will Never Understand

    Like being a foot taller than any kid you had a crush on.

    We all know how much puberty sucks.

    Twitter: @andnowtothemoon / Via BuzzFeed / Shannon Rosenberg

    But it can be especially shitty for all the people who went through it way before everyone else.

    This is for those people.

    1. First, you were super confused about why your body was starting to change when no one else's was.

    FOX / Via

    Have we been cursed? Is this someone's idea of a cruel joke? Because IT'S NOT FUNNY.

    2. Your sudden growth spurt put you about a foot taller than any kid you had a crush on.

    Rick Diamond / Getty Images

    Hey, you down there. Want to go get a milkshake some time?

    3. And sharing clothes with friends was pretty much out of the question.

    Sony Pictures / Via

    No we can't borrow your clothes and no we don't want to just "try it on."

    4. You always had the same conversation at every family gathering about how BIG you'd gotten and how GROWN UP you look for your age.

    Fox Searchlight / Via

    Yeah, we get it Uncle Earl! No need to tell us again.

    5. You started thinking about sex when the majority of your friends still believed in cooties.

    Hormones. RAGING hormones.

    6. And you felt like ~doing things~ that didn't quite make sense yet.

    MTV / Via

    7. You grew pubic/underarm/everything hair at an alarming rate.

    8. So you had to start shaving before anyone else did.

    9. And you looked about 10x older than all your other classmates and friends.

    20th Century Fox / Via

    10. You became well versed in all things face wash and acne cream.

    11. Also deodorant, which you never really knew about and now DESPERATELY NEEDED ALWAYS.

    12. You developed boobs and they began to sabotage your life.

    Girls always say they want big boobs. I have big boobs. They aren't fun. They hurt. And they never fit into cute clothes. #boobssuck

    13. So you did drastic things to cover them up and hide them from the world.

    New Line Cinema / Via

    14. And as hard as you fought, your mom forced you to wear a bra.

    It is a device made to torture girls, Mom! What about that do you not understand??

    15. Locker rooms became your worst nightmare.

    Disney / Via

    Um, shower and change in front of everyone? No thanks.

    16. You got your period before you even had your first Sex Ed class.

    FOX / Via

    17. And you became an expert at tampon/pad hiding techniques.

    "I'm not on my period, YOU'RE ON YOUR PERIOD."

    18. You really wished your friends would stop throwing damn pool parties for their birthdays!

    Pretend you were sick... or use a tampon.

    19. Your parents wanted to have weird, awkward conversations that your friends hadn't been forced to have yet.

    20. And you were moody AF because because it was like NO ONE understood what you were going through... and also hormones.

    Sundance Selects / Via

    Mad at the world is an understatement. Bring out the emo jams.

    21. But eventually you realized, you were just a little ahead of the game in terms of awesomeness. That's all.

    CW / Via

    VICTORY. 👌👌👌

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