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27 Small But Awesome Ways To Be A Good Friend

It's all about the ~little things~.

Real talk: Sometimes it feels like you don't have time to be a good friend when you're busy, stressed, or just generally trying to get your life together.

But in reality, it's usually those little easy, underrated gestures that really make your friends feel all schmoopy and loved. And everyone has time for one of those. So here's a big fast list of some small but significant things you can do to up your friendship game.

1. Text them when you see something that reminds you of them.

Anna Borges / BuzzFeed

Random "thinking of you" reminders are LITERALLY THE BEST.

2. Fave that tweet or like that pic that's not getting the recognition it deserves.

PBS / Via

FRIENDS DON'T LET FRIENDS' TWEETS GO UNFAVED. Same with prof pics and Instagrams.

3. Stock your pantry with their favorite snack if they're always chilling at your apartment.

4. Hit them up with some random nostalgia about a favorite memory you have of them.

Easy as dropping them a text.

5. Learn the names of their bitchy co-workers, bad roommates, siblings, whatever, so you don't have to keep saying, "Who?" whenever they tell you a story.

Bravo / Via

6. Take more pictures of them when they're feelin' themselves.

E! / Via

It's kinda awkward to say, "Hey, I look really hot right now, could you immortalize this moment?" so don't make them.

7. Bring them food when they have a terrible hangover.

8. Make a big fucking deal out of an accomplishment of theirs, big or small.

Charles M. Schulz / Via

They didn't drunk-text their ex? CELEBRATION TIME.

9. Remind them that you miss them when you haven't chatted in awhile.

10. Let them know when someone else says something nice about them.

Anna Borges / BuzzFeed / Via

Unless, you know, it was told to you in confidence. But it's probably OK to be like, "HEY, this person thinks you're awesome, too."

11. Send them songs you think they'd like.

Anna Borges / BuzzFeed / Via Spotify

Who said mixtapes are just for people you're shmanging?

12. Don't just offer to bring them stuff when they're sick — insist on it.

13. Go on friend dates with the other important people in their life.

14. Go with them to that appointment they're dreading.

15. Give back the things you borrow.

Anna Borges / BuzzFeed

Make no mistake, people reserve the right to END FRIENDSHIPS over books you never returned.

16. Tell them a secret or some shit you're vulnerable about.

CW / Via

Translation: You can trust me and be vulnerable with me, too.

17. Don't one-up them (even accidentally) when they're having a shitty day.

Anna Borges / BuzzFeed

Just let them rant. Y'all can talk about you later.

18. Start a new tradition with them.

19. Celebrate their half-birthday with them.

No one else will remember. They probably won't even remember. THAT'S WHY IT'S SO AWESOME.

20. Watch their favorite show so they have someone to vomit their feelings all over.

21. Call them when you're waiting for water to boil, on your walk to the subway, or some other tiny chunk of time.

DreamWorks Studio / Via

OK, the phone sucks, but you'll have an out in a few minutes, and they'll appreciate hearing your voice.

22. Snap them pictures of cute dogs you see on the street.

Anna Borges / BuzzFeed
Anna Borges / BuzzFeed

23. Thank them for the things they do for you after the fact.

Anna Borges / BuzzFeed

Like, you probably said thank you as it was happening because you're not a heathen, but go the extra step and text them later to show you really appreciate them.

24. Know their drink order so you can have it waiting for them when you go out together.

25. Get them stupid elementary school throwback gifts like friendship jewelry or photo albums.

26. Send them a postcard. For no reason. Because handwritten things are just inherently more awesome.

Yes, even if you live in the same city. Yes, even if you live together.

27. And when in doubt, just remind them how much you appreciate them.

Anna Borges / BuzzFeed / Via