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What Do You Actually Do When You Role-Play In Bed?

Because you can only do student/teacher so many times.

Role-playing in the bedroom* can be hot, fun, awkward, hilarious, or all of the above.

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*Or in the kitchen, bathroom, living room, car, bar, park, anywhere your adventurous little heart desires, etc.

But before you can do anything, you have to decide what you actually, you know, want to role-play.

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There are the ~classics~ like student/teacher, employee/boss, doctor/patient.

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There are also plenty of time periods and settings to play around with if you're super ~imaginative~.

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And then, there are probably a million other possibilities that you really only stumble on by accident.

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You know, the stuff that maybe started as a joke, but actually turned out to be really hot.

So we want to know: What scenarios do you love to role-play or dream of role-playing one day?

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Tell us all about the characters you play, the settings you explore, the plots you try out — whatever ~role-playing~ means to you — and your answer could be included in an upcoming BuzzFeed Health post.