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How Have You Learned To Be A Better Friend?

Because sometimes, relationships take work.

Friendships are always changing — sometimes you find new ones or lose old ones, and sometimes you get closer or grow apart.

And while the best friendships might feel effortless, the truth is, sometimes friendships take work, especially if you want them to last for the long haul.

So we want to know: What lessons have you learned about being a good friend and making your friendships as strong as possible?

Maybe you realized that having a set time to check in with each other and air grievances makes it so no one bottles up any feelings.

Or maybe you switched up the kinds of things you do together, so your friendship isn't defined by ranting over happy hour, for example.

Maybe you realized the importance of embracing your friend's flaws and not having unreasonable expectations.

Or maybe you realized that you were being a toxic friend, somehow, and put in the work to correct your behavior.

Maybe it's as simple as finding little ways to show more appreciation and love.

Whatever has worked for you, share your tips, suggestions, and anecdotes in the comments or via the dropbox below, and your answer could appear in an upcoming post on BuzzFeed Health!