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How Do You Maintain Eating Disorder Recovery During The Holidays?

We want to know little ways you get through the holidays.

If you live with or are in recovery for an eating disorder or disordered eating, food-centric holidays like Thanksgiving can be difficult.

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All the emphasis on and conversation around food can make for a reaaally long day or even trigger a relapse.

So we want to know, what tips and coping mechanisms do you have that make the holidays a little easier?

Maybe you always have a support plan — and an exit strategy — in place just in case.

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That might be a friend who you know you can call, or the number of a 24/7 support line you know you can hit up if you need.

Or maybe you give yourself permission to be realistic about where you are in recovery.

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Because maybe last year, you got your hopes up that your ED would give you a break and let you enjoy the holiday without guilt or stress, and the disappointment was a big trigger.

Maybe you prep your loved ones ahead of time, like sending them educational materials on what not to say about food at Thanksgiving.

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There are so many little ways people talk about food that they don't realize have a double meaning for someone with an eating disorder — and sometimes, a little education can go a long way with people who love you and are committed to your wellbeing.

Or maybe you make sure to plan time for restorative self-care activities during the day so it doesn't become too much.

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So tell us: What are your most invaluable tips for getting through the holidays while in eating disorder recovery?

Submit them through the dropbox below and we might feature them in an upcoming BuzzFeed Health article. And thanks for sharing — your tip just might help someone else who is going through the same thing you are.