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Come Tell Us Why You Love Gardening Or Taking Care Of Plants

Whether you have a full vegetable garden or a few plant babies on your windowsill.

Gardening and taking care of plants can be hard work, but it comes with a lot of benefits.

Maybe it's the perfect self-care for lessening your anxiety and lifting your mood.

Or maybe it's a constant source of pride to be able to cook with vegetables and herbs you grew all by yourself!

Maybe having to water on a schedule has actually taught you the discipline you need to stick to other habits as well.

Or having a thriving indoor garden helps you feel closer to nature when you're in a big city.

Honestly, maybe it's just fun.

We want to know what gardening means to you and how it's enriched your life. Tell us in the comments or via the dropbox below, and your response could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed post.