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21 Insanely Useful Skills Every Introvert Has Mastered

We are the masters of faking disappointment over canceled plans.

1. Deftly pretending you didn’t see that casual acquaintance in public.

2. Feigning disappointment.

3. Finding the best buddy at any party.

4. And then ducking out unnoticed at a reasonable hour.

5. Sending out firm but polite signals when you don't want to socialize.

6. Negotiating with your more extroverted friends.

7. Seeing texts at the most convenient time.

8. Politely canceling plans.

9. And masterfully turning them down in the first place.

10. Reading in loud public places with ironclad concentration.

11. Gracefully slipping out of conversations when they've gone on too long.

12. Finding creative methods to avoid your co-workers.

13. Keeping yourself thoroughly entertained.

14. And planning truly enviable weekends.

15. Speaking up to the bare minimum in class to still get participation points.

16. Properly apologizing for your ~introvert quirks~.

17. Pacing yourself and your social energy.

18. Using headphones as a weapon of defense.

19. Making yourself at home in any bathroom when you need a few minutes to recharge.

20. Knowing exactly when your social batteries are about to die.

21. And, at the end of the day, knowing yourself.