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18 Cozy And Beautiful Beds You'll Want To Crawl Into Right Now

Prepare to want to be a full-time blanket burrito.

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1. Sorry, I can't hang out, I have to spend the day lounging against this luxurious pillow stack.

Instagram: @mosebacke

2. PLEASE EXERCISE PROPER CANDLE SAFETY WHILE SLEEPING. Okay, now that that's out of the way, look how cozy!

Instagram: @earlymorningheart

3. Fluffy, pink pillows > pretty much every other kind of pillow.

Instagram: @kate

4. Listen: Napping in this bed is practically like going outside, so you'll never need to leave.

Instagram: @sarahxwilhelm

5. Hello, it's a Humungous Super Blanket, here to make the rest of your blankets feel wildly inferior.

Instagram: @easyinterieur

6. If this bed is good enough for this precious pupper, it is good enough for me.

Instagram: @brittanyshmyr

7. You can basically hear the *swoosh* this comforter would make as you pull it up over your head.

Instagram: @interior_delux

8. *books weekend cabin nap retreat immediately*

Instagram: @cabinlove

9. Don't you just want to streeeetch in the sun across these tropical sheets?

Instagram: @onth3brightside

10. What is it about messy white bedding that makes you want to dive in and never leave?

Instagram: @luciakcy

11. Or if you're not the airy white sheet type, try holing away in this majestic beast of a bed.

Instagram: @patirobins

12. What jobs can I do entirely from the comfort of this bed surrounded by cats? Asking for a friend.

Instagram: @valliaria

13. Honestly, making your bed is cool and all, but look at these perfectly rumpled sheets.

Instagram: @_foodstories_

14. Okay, I know there is a puppy on this bed, but please don't fail to notice the perfect pillow fortress behind him.

Instagram: @_justynaniko_

15. Book? Check. Tea? Check. Super-cuddly flannel and all the pillows you need? CHECK, CHECK, CHECK.

Instagram: @inkblotsand_stars

16. Brb, sinking into this nest and never surfacing again.

Instagram: @jellinadetmar

18. No offense, but from now on, every bed that doesn't come with a magical forest chandelier is canceled.

Instagram: @chelsaeanne

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