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Should You Stick This Up Your Butt?

Are you an authority on anal or that person who goes to the ER with something weird stuck up their butt?

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Toys are awesome for anal play, but not all toys are created equal when it comes to butt safety.

Obviously, every body and butt is different, so a toy that is suitable for one person might be ~too much to handle~ for another. But when it comes to using toys and objects anally, there are certain factors that reduce injury, abrasion of the anal tissue, and risk of it getting stuck or lost up there.

So for the sake of this quiz, we're not asking if you CAN stick something up your butt, we're asking if you SHOULD. Also, assume that in each case, proper safety and protective measures (lube, condoms when necessary, etc.) are taken.

All information sourced from Charlie Glickman, PhD, sex educator and author of The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure.