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23 Pictures That Sum Up The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Of Pregnancy

The human body is WILD.

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share pictures from when they were pregnant to show what it's really like. Here are just some of them:

And by the way, everyone's pregnancy is a different, so the pics here are by no means meant to represent the ~universal pregnant experience~.


Pregnancy feet vs. normal feet. —courtneyb59


Pregnancy and pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy (PUPPS) rash. Unglamorous side of pregnancy —alexandrar4cdd5d910


Being so nauseous you can’t brush your hair. Rats nest ensues. Mom has to help brush out the mess! —amyritterf


Pregnancy brain. I caught myself just before I brushed my teeth with deodorant instead of toothpaste. Oops! —juliab4d5c058ec


While pregnant with my second daughter I could rest my pregnant belly on my counter top. People thought this photo fake. It’s real and my back still isn’t right. —ashleybarrettu


Had to cut the ring off because my fingers were so swollen —arielle7


My friend is a naturally emotional person, but one night our group of friends was hanging out, and one of us was trying to rock another ones baby to sleep and all of a sudden the newly pregnant Julie burst into tears because we are all friends. —courtneyh466e3012c


Pregnancy is not always a big bad scary thing! Both kids I had no morning sickness, no swelling, no stretch marks, no issues with natural labor, both labors less than five hours. Was back in size 3 jeans two weeks postpartum both times. Pregnancy was a healthy and beautiful journey for me! —yogapoet


What happens when you wear mid-calf socks! —maddiemccauley2


My face broke out with hormonal cystic acne so bad and I had cravings for all the worst food. But I got an awesome table I got to carry around with me! —eskaytea


When everything hurts but you can't take any drugs. That's an ice pack on my hip and a hot rice sock on my knee —lindseydugone


Pregnant with twins! And my niece decided it was the perfect canvas. —marlih2


Me painting bathroom cabinets for a client eight days before I had my baby at 39 weeks exactly. Doesn’t have to be all bad. —brittanys4cb4e823d


My son loved squishing himself on my right side, so I was always lopsided. Looking at my crooked bump made all the insomnia and all the intense heartburn worth it. —maggiek43d2fe818


I went to a college football game the day I was due with my 10-pounder. Between all the Braxton Hicks, trips to the bathroom to pee, and trying to stay off my swollen feet, I was busy constantly stuffing my face. This security guard could NOT keep a straight face as I literally inhaled this sandwich while sitting on the tent anchor. —incendiaryprincess


I had a super easy, relaxing pregnancy...until I ended up on bedrest for my last month because I was going into preterm labor, and I ended up with cholestasis (when the bile in your liver slows/stops and causes horrible, horrible itchiness and can lead to stillbirth if not watched closely). But it was all worth it in the end for my son. —sheynav


Here I am at seven months pregnant sleeping in the space between the couch and the coffee table. —sarahk427811044


For me, (the end of) pregnancy was wearing tennis shoes and leggings to my typically business casual job every day and putting my feet up every chance I got! —breannaleigho


I ended up with gestational diabetes thanks to my PCOS, so I had to go to the OB-GYN twice a week to make sure that my baby was okay. I felt like I was there so much that I may as well have set up camp there! —reikoko


My pregnancy immunity was so compromised I ended up with pneumonia when I was 30 weeks pregnant and was hospitalized for a week. —victoriaf4f2309550


Rash life. Wanna know the kicker? Can’t take anything to prevent the itchyness. I’m surprised my partner stay by my side after all my complaining. —nataleec2


End of third trimester pain relief includes sitting on a stability ball while simultaneously sitting on an ice pack for the lady parts— no one warned me about pelvic ligament tears! —katies4ec789fce


I feel you, sister. —alexar5

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