21 Things To Do After A Book Breaks Your Damn Heart

    Because you can't just cry on the floor forever.

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us how they deal with book hangovers. Here are their tips for filling that book-shaped hole in your chest.

    1. Have a post-mortem with your friends who have read it too, complete with snacks and tissues.

    2. Or just make your friends read it so they can suffer with you.

    3. Or talk it out with an objective third party who doesn't mind being spoiled.

    4. Start something in an opposite genre so you don't find yourself comparing it to the book you just fell in love with.

    5. Or look up similar books if that's more your thing.

    6. Read something with a guaranteed happy ending.

    "I usually read old Harlequin and M&B books. They're classic and nothing trumps a happy ever after ending." —Temitope Barakat Lawal, Facebook

    7. Or an old childhood favorite that always comforts you.

    8. Listen to an audiobook instead.

    9. Have a nice long shower cry.

    10. Listen to some themed fanmixes to wallow in the feels a bit more.

    11. Fall down the fandom rabbit hole for any and all content.

    12. Get some merch to carry the book around with you.

    13. Read some fix-it fic.

    14. If there is one, watch the movie adaptation — then cheer yourself up by making fun of how it just doesn't compare.

    15. Focus on the happy plot points so your heart hurts less.

    16. Start a new book STAT.

    17. Go back out into the world to get some ~fresh air~.

    18. Distract yourself by getting obsessed with a new show instead — then switch back to books after that breaks your heart, too.

    19. Line up your hangover cure ahead of time.

    20. Just FEEL it.

    21. Just read the damn thing again. Like, immediately.

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