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These Pokémon Sex Toys Are Here To Ruin Your Childhood

Poké Balls sold separately.

Someone has come up with an inspired solution for keeping yourself busy when the Pokémon Go servers are down — these Pokémoan sex toys.

There's Bulby, a Bulbasaur-inspired toy with a ~large seed tip~.

Then there's Charmy, a flame-shaped Charmander-inspired dildo.

There's Squirty, which is inspired by Squirtle and has a large grooved turtle shell on its back.

And finally, there's Piky, a butt plug that can turn you into the Pikachu you've always dreamed of being.

Not gonna lie, people seem kind of into it. Well, some people.

Although there's one Pokémon-themed sex toy we're really waiting for.

In conclusion: You can now quite literally fill the Pokémon-shaped hole in your life when the Pokémon Go servers are down.