23 Posts To Read If You Suck At This Whole Adulting Thing

    Everything you need to know about making growing up suck less.

    ~Adulting~ pretty much means having more responsibilities now, and realizing you're not sure about how to actually get them done.

    1. For when you need to get that job.

    2. For when you need to get a responsible amount of sleep for once.

    3. For when you still can't afford to live alone and are like, "How do I not murder my roommates?"

    4. For when it's time to start making your own doctor's appointments.

    5. For when you're overwhelmed and need tiny baby steps to feel more like an adult.

    6. For when you want to start thinking about eating a little healthier.

    7. And for when you want to start working out a little bit, too.

    8. For when you just want to be happier, dammit.

    9. For when you want to cook an impressive meal without that much work.

    10. For when you're making your first Adult Shopping List.

    11. For when you want to find a new hobby besides drinking.

    12. For when you want to break up with friends like a grown-up without being a dick or causing drama.

    13. For when you want to be sexually responsible.

    14. For when you need to find a therapist to deal with...well, everything.

    15. For when you want to up your cleaning game.

    16. For when you want to fill your shelves with books that will help you ~adult~.

    17. For when you need all the help you can get doing your taxes.

    18. For when you're broke AF and don't want to be.

    19. For when you're tired of wasting money on groceries that you inevitably throw out when they go bad.

    20. For when you want to improve your ~presence~ in the world.

    21. For when you need manageable ways to feel more productive and organized.

    22. For when you need highly visual cheat sheets for all things #adulting.

    23. For when you really just need some advice from people who have gone through it before.