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What Do You Wish You Could Ask A Therapist?

Like how the hell do you make friends while dealing with social anxiety? And how do you stop being so damn hard on yourself?

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Feeling mentally and emotionally healthy is a challenge we all face.

Dami Lee

Whether you're dealing with mental illness or the everyday stresses of being a human being with a heart and a brain, there's probably some advice you need right now.


Send all your burning mental health questions to, or just drop them in the comments.

We'll consult top mental health and relationship experts about anything related to mental and emotional health, mental illness, happiness, stress — you name it, we'll get back to you. Be sure to let us know if you want your question to be anonymous — otherwise we'll use your name. And go into all the detail you need about your situation so we can get you the best possible advice.

IMPORTANT: Please don't use this as a substitute for professional care, if that's what you need. While we hope to help people with this advice column, it's crucial for you to get individualized help as soon as possible if you need it. If you need to talk to someone immediately, IMAlive or 7 Cups Of Tea are great resources.

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