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    19 Things You'll Only Understand If You Hate Sharing A Bed

    ALL. MINE.

    1. There's no such thing as ~your~ side of the bed.

    American Zoetrope / Via


    2. There is no pleasure greater than transforming into a blanket burrito.

    FOX / Via

    3. The idea of one day settling down with someone and having to share a bed permanently is your idea of torture. / Via

    Can separate beds come back in vogue, please?

    4. But if you DO have to share, this is your literal dream:

    5. You have no shame about pushing your way into the middle of the bed.

    FX / Via

    6. You do not understand how some people can stand to cuddle through the night.

    Flairimages / Thinkstock / Via

    7. And sleeping next to a blanket hog* is quite possibly the WORST THING in the world.

    Dima_sidelnikov / Thinkstock / Via

    *AKA anyone who dares try to use ANY of your blanket, even their "fair" share.

    8. You barely budge on your firm solo-bed stance for even the cutest of bedmates.

    9. You've at least considered investing in a size upgrade all for yourself.

    10. Dating can be complicated, because that means sacrificing your current most important relationship.

    11. You kind of actually dread when someone asks you to stay over.

    NBC / Via

    Because it's not them, it's you, but that doesn't make the rejection sound any better.

    12. And you've maybe even asked someone firmly-but-nicely to please vacate your bed so you can sleep.

    Illumination Entertainment / Via

    13. You've told a white lie or two (or a million) explaining why you have to head home to your own bed.

    14. When you DO suffer through sharing, you toss and turn all night trying to find a comfortable position on your minuscule side.

    15. Or you sleep on one side only the whole night to avoid being awkwardly face-to-face with them.


    16. In dire situations, you've even snuck out to sleep on the couch because you just. Can't. Do. It.

    17. You NEVER waste the precious moments when your partner is away and you have the bed all to yourself.

    18. Some of your friends still ask in all seriousness if they can crash in your bed and you've considered disowning them.

    SNL Studios / Via

    19. Above all, your bed is pretty much your sanctuary and you'll share more than you have to OVER YOUR DEAD BODY.

    Paramount Pictures/Lorne Michaels / Via

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