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What Do You Wish People Understood About Insomnia?

Because it's not just watching Netflix all night.

A lot of things cause insomnia — aka, chronic difficulty falling and staying asleep — from medical conditions like hyperthyroidism or arthritis, to sleep and mental disorders like restless leg syndrome and anxiety.

No matter the cause of insomnia, though, it's not fun — and it's hard to know what it's like if you haven't dealt with it.

So we want to know: What do you wish people understood about insomnia?

Maybe you want people to know that it's kiiiind of annoying when they call themselves ~such insomniacs~ when they don't really have insomnia.

Maybe you wish people would stop asking you, "Have you tried ____?" because the answer is always yes.

Maybe you just want to describe what it's like to deal with so people have an idea how exhausting it is to exist as a human who can't get enough sleep.

Whatever it is, share in the comments below, and your responses could be included in an upcoming Goodful post.