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37 Pictures That Show There's No Such Thing As "Normal" Boobs

All boobs are good boobs.

We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to help us celebrate boobs of all shapes and sizes by sending in a sketch of their own.

Here are just some of the submissions we got.


Submitted by tbr

"Small and pierced. I think that they are awesome now that I’m older, but I used to hate being small-chested."



Submitted by JM1031

"I’ve been a bigger girl most of my life. I started seeing the effects of puberty very young and needed a bra by second/third grade. I have lots of stretch marks on my hips and breasts. They’re wide-set, point sort of downward, and one is a good deal larger. For a long time, and even now sometimes, I’ve struggled to accept them. They’ve been the hardest part of my body to learn to love, but most days, I’m there. I hope this will help anyone who looks like me to realize they’re not alone."



Submitted by actuallyanegg

"I have a lot of stretch marks, and skin discoloration, and yet? My breasts are beautiful."



"Currently breastfeeding my second son, at 3 months old. My boobs are not just mine, but are for my children too."



Submitted by ChambersAbri


Submitted by phoks

"Respect my boobage."



Submitted by r4732565ca

"I have wide-set breasts. Due to trauma one nipple looks away and the breast is a bit smaller. She is shy. My body stores fat asymmetrically so one side of my body has more adipose than the other. I love them. It took me a long time to love my body."



Submitted by candycesnipes

"I think they’re quite perky."



Submitted by raink

"When I’ve been measured, I’ve almost always been told 34C. My breasts are a part of my body that I’ve never felt comfortable with. I’ve always wanted them bigger, so I wear push-up bras. Some people call push-up bras 'false advertising,' but they make me feel sexy and more confident. Anyone who isn’t okay with that doesn’t deserve to be with me, anyway."



Submitted by sarahh4bff3abdb

"I have big ol' pancake titties. I’m a 50DD — they are shaped more like a 'U' than anything. My nipples are so low that when I’m sitting they disappear. One is heart-shaped, the other is more square, with two-ish-inch areolas so pale they nearly blend right in with my skin. There’s a scar from a car wreck on my left boob that’s like two C's with their backs to each other. I have a medium-size, super-dark mole on my left boob, too. They’re so pale and the skin is so thin, that you can see giant blue veins running through them."



Submitted by Teafunny

"I’m always growing as a person but my boobs will remain perfect as is."



Submitted by aub4697

"My boobs tend to be perky, but my nipples are always puffy and bigger than I would ideally like. My ribs show at the top of my ribcage, but I have quite a bit of tummy. I love my boobs."



Submitted by michellehknutson


Submitted by Drippymustard

"I have small boobs that don’t really hang at all, have stretch marks all over, and I have a freckle right in the middle underneath. I love my boobs."



Submitted by byndilaupsteen

"I always thought I kind of looked like an alien: broad-shouldered, my boobs are small and sort of cone-shaped, and my nipples are always puffy, unless it’s very cold. My ribcage has always shown no matter how much I eat or weigh, and my tummy has always been a little bit squishy."



Submitted by quinndana123

"Nothing like little hairs on dem boobs."



Submitted by JenDenbo

"I had breasts for around 32 years. I found a lump during a self-exam. I lost every hair on my body and my breasts. My breasts do not define me."



Submitted by blah999

"My boobs developed so fast and became so big that they pretty much fell, so they sag and my nipples point downwards. The same thing happened to my mom and sister."



Submitted by shafco4

"I’ve always kind of had big boobs with weird nipples, but I’ve learned to love them."



Submitted by camilafuentes

"The left one is smaller than the right one, I also have hairs around my nipple, and once, when I was younger, my doctor said, 'Why don’t you shave them?' Ugh. But I just love them."



Submitted by imnotanoctopus

"Lopsided with one slightly fuller than the other."



Submitted by Animal Lover 89

"Mine are wonky. One is like a snow cone, and the other is like a half-filled drooping water balloon. I’m also trans, so soon I’ll be waving goodbye to my 'girls.'"

Animal Lover 89


Submitted by elizabethdelmonico35

"I’m covered in freckles and moles. I even have a couple on one of my nipples."



Submitted by cloudmittens

"I do suffer from body dismorphic disorder, but I think it is something like this. Most of the time my nipples are very fluffy, but I like them better when they’re awake."



Submitted by emilekthx

"I never was very confident about my breasts because of the way they point downwards and to the side, but lately I’m becoming more confident in them!"



Submitted by ashkoe

"A mole under one breast, freckles all around, wide and light nipples that I’m learning to love. I was always insecure about how big my areolas were. Love my boobs."



Submitted by Katie

"One of my breasts is a few cup sizes larger than the other, and it's not something I have ever been embarrassed about, as I’ve just accepted it as a part of me. I love every part of my chest from my stretch marks to the nipple piercings — you’ve got to celebrate what's yours."



Submitted by Asteria13

"Here is an artistic drawing of me drawing my boobs. I come from a line of big tits, and that gene certainly didn’t skip me, with a cup size of 32DDD. This has of course caused some pretty big stretch marks (that didn’t show up well), but I don’t mind them. Scars, marks, and blemishes all have a story even if the story isn’t that exciting."



Submitted by sasshimi

"My boobs are quite big, and so they slide down into my armpits when I lie on my back. This used to annoy me, but since I noticed how bomb they look from this angle I don’t mind anymore. You can also see my favorite mole, just next to the areola on my left tit."



Submitted by sarah906

"My boobs are very small. They barely fill a double-A cup. I always feel very insecure as they disappear in most tops and I never feel feminine. I also have extremely pale skin so there are visible veins all over my chest (like a tree). However, I’m starting to appreciate my boobies more and more, and sometimes I actually like them!"



Submitted by nepalipolishalien

"Mine are unusually perky. However, they are side-set, so basically there’s a wide space between them that is flat. My areolas are quite sizable and have a large amount of thin, wiry, black hairs surrounding them."



Submitted by zotuu



Submitted by katgrecianinspired

"I’m 23, and they’re saggy. And also one hangs lower than the other."



Submitted by xelaworks

"When I first started to develop, I hated my boobs. I felt like they weren’t normal because they weren’t perfectly even and round. I’ve since learned to embrace them — maybe they aren’t the exact same size and one is slightly squarish, but to me they are perfect!"



Submitted by booklion16


Submitted by c481ceb6aa

"I posted a picture before and I left out some bodily details because I was embarrassed — but after seeing these amazing pictures, I thought I would post a more accurate drawing. I have stretch marks form puberty and my breasts are pretty large for my age. Having big boobs as a teen has pros and cons, but I would never trade in my breasts for anything."



Submitted by noahsx3

"I’m nuclear white so all of my veins and capillaries show through. I have a couple stretch marks here and there, my nipple-boob ratio is bigger than I’d like, and one of them is smaller and pointier, but I still love them!"