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    Posted on Oct 4, 2013

    Will Smith Is Good At Saving Shit

    When is somebody going to give him a medal?

    In Independence Day Will Smith saved the world. But only just.


    Thank god.

    In Men In Black he was just like, "I got this" and saved the earth.

    In Wild Wild West he wasn't even worried about all that shit burning down.

    Technically he only saved the nation here, but still: kudos, Will.

    He was also pretty casual about world salvation in Men In Black 2.

    He's right. Those Oakleys are killer.

    Will got SASSY while saving the entire future in I, Robot.

    Saving shit must be hard so he's allowed to be a little bitchy.

    By the time Men In Black 3 rolled around he was like "uuughh." But he still saved us.

    Cheers, Mr Smith!

    In I Am Legend, Will saves the world but not his canine pal so it's sorta win/lose.

    It's also extremely depressing.

    Will Smith can even save shit when he's drunk, like in Hancock.

    Now that's impressive.

    And Will saves cats, too! In Enemy Of The State he saves a kitty from certain death.

    No wonder his wife is so into him. HERO.

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