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    25 Amazing Stick And Poke Tattoos That'll Make You Ghost On Machine Inking

    Get back to the old school basics of body art.

    1. This perfectly adorable one of Luna the cat from Sailor Moon:

    2. This beautiful lotus blossom:

    3. This feisty fly:

    4. These cute cacti:

    5. These delicate hands:

    6. These tattoos of a couple whose chemistry is juuust right:

    7. This slender and graceful dragonfly:

    8. This delicate bracelet, tattooed twice:

    9. This perky lil penguin:

    10. This lipstick lover's dream:

    11. These teeny twigs:

    12. This homage to the "The Kiss" by the artist Gustav Klimt:

    13. This definitive proof of yr mermaid status:

    14. This lovely lighthouse:

    15. This romantic rose:

    16. This music enthusiast's new obsession:

    17. This expressive exclamation mark:

    18. This bitty bee:

    19. This loose line:

    20. This sweeeeeeeet pupper:

    21. These faultless flowers:

    22. This bb pineapple:

    23. This observant eye:

    24. This pomegranate half:

    25. And finally, this leafy wonder:

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    This post was translated from German.