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    Can You Stomach These 13 Honestly Horrendous Photos Of Food?

    You might never eat again.

    1. You've heard of meatloaf — now, how about some meat foot?

    2. Love carving up lamb, but also love eating cake? Say no more:

    3. Need to jazz up your usual pretzel stick platter? Here's one way to do it...

    4. And if you also got a weirdly sexual reaction to these two meat slices, you're not alone.

    5. Can someone please explain this sausage garnish to us?

    6. But also this horse banana?

    7. What kind of latte is this???


    9. Actually, scratch that. THIS is the freakiest baby-related cake.

    10. But THIS is definitely the freakiest use for chicken wings we've seen...

    11. And this just seems straight up inadvisable.

    12. And while a sausage balloon animal kind of works...

    13. Boob cakes definitively do not.

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    This post was translated from German.